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Mr Jordan K. shares his experience for coolcontouring in vancouver star laser centre


Welcome to Vancouver Star laser Centre. Your primary source for body slimming, laser hair removal and skin rejuvenation.We are dedicated to making you feel "awesome" and look your very best impression with a focus on dependability, extraordinary client service, and unique scientific approach. We are pleased to welcome you  as a new customer of VSL Centre.We  feel honoured that you have chosen us to take care of  your skin issues and reach your cosmetic objectives.




Your satisfaction is our first priority! We are delighted that you are a VSL Centre customer and look forward to serving you.


Mission statement: We are passionate about building long-term relationship with our clients through providing real lasting results with our state of art laser technology  in a relaxing environment.




Aya k.


"Friendly,Knowledgble,and good service.Very pleased with pigmentation removal on my cheek and it's almost gone with two sessions.RF skin tightening did a fabiolous job on my laugh lines with one session and noticed the result next day.So many options with resonable price,definitely recommended." 


Ron K.

"Dont expect a high end spa.But it was a clean and quite a professional experience."

jessica D.

"Discovered the place on groupon and consulted Dr.Sharam for depigmentation on the face .I'm very pleased with the results after 3 sessions.Dr.Sharam was awesome."

Jacob A.

"This clinic is absolutely amazing.I am 25 years old and had multiple moles removed from my upper body.Sharam made me feel comfortable and answered all my questions.The atmosphere was very personable too.I rather enjoyed my experience at this clinic and would definitely recommend it to anyone of my friends and family members."






What  is Coolcontouring ?

Coulcontouring is a procedure that removes stubborn fat up to 20% of fat cells per treatment. Coolcontouring is a permanent fat cell reduction treatment.  At adolescence, we have all of the fat cells we will get.  Our bodies do not produce more fat cells as we age unless we become obese and our fat cells divide. With a healthy diet and regular exercise the results of Coolcontouring can be enjoyed for years to come.

The technic is permanent non surgical without downtime. The fat cells that are damaged by the treatment are frozen and later absorbed by the body’s own metabolic process and  are gone permanently.  The advance cooling technology selectively targets and eliminates fat cells gently and gradually without affecting the surrounding tissue.


When can I see ideal results?

Typical results take about 1-3 months to be fully realized, and therefore many patients schedule second treatments at that time.A second treatment is generally scheduled 30 to 45 days after the initial treatment.The results are long-lasting as long as you maintain a stable healthy lifestyle.if you gain wait the remaining fat cells can become larger in size. So as long as you don’t gain weight you can think that your effect will last.If one maintains the same diet and exercise regimen, Coolcontouring results shall be long lasting.


Which areas can be targeted for treatment?

It can be used safely for upper arms, inner/outer thighs, bra-strap area, chin, and above the knees.


What does it feel like?

Yow will feel suction pressure on treatment area for few minutes but you will get used to it easily.Most clients read or watch movies on their cellphone or tablet or take a nap during the procedure.


How long does the coolcontouring takes and how many treatments are needed?


 A typical session takes the time 45 minutes to one hour.How many sessions one requires also depends upon the individual.  What are your goals as far as circumference reduction?  If there is significant work to be done, you can expect multiple sessions, however if you have “just a little bit extra” that can’t be shaken with a good diet and exercise routine, then one session is likely sufficient.


What is the side effects?


You may experience deep pulling,tugging,numbness or discomfort.Following the procedure typical side effectsinclude temporary numbness,redness,swellig,bruising,firmness,tingling and stinging.


Can I get two treatments for two areas in one session?

In our clinic you can get treatments for 2 areas at the same time i.e stomach and arms. 


Videos related to coolcontouring in various areas are available in our facebook page.


What we offer: For your comfortability we present Coolcontouring everyday  even "SUNDAYS"  by booking appointment


The result may vary


Addition to your skin care we take care of your health.We perform a free demonstration about "Water"


 How much do you know about water that you drink? We teach how to hydrate your body properly.

Learn how to detoxify your body full of acids and free radicals and low antioxidants.

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